About Us

Shellshock’d Laser Tag, based in Robersonville, NC, is proud to offer North Carolina the most exciting laser tag party available.  We realized a need for exciting, affordable party entertainment and are pleased to offer it to you.  

We provide the Razorback Laser Tag system from Elite Laser Tag, the most advanced and realistic laser tag system available.  Accurate day or night with an impressive range, these taggers offer team-coordinated colors, flashing LED’s and incredible sound effects.  

Our trained Game Coach/Referee arrives early to set up the playing field, whether in your back yard or any large indoor space.  He/She instructs players in the operation of the laser tag system and gives safety instructions…and then it’s GAME ON!  Your guests will have a blast “battling it out” while you get to relax and enjoy the fun.

We look forward to meeting you and bringing North Carolina’s most exciting party entertainment.
The Shellshock’d Laser Tag team